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"Kelly Wels has given us a cloth diaper manual that makes the choice between cloth and disposables an easier one. Changing Diapers is a compliment to other resources available for new and current cloth diapers, from what styles of diapers are available and the benefits of each type to how to properly and easily care for your cloth diapers."
Linda Byerline, CEO, Happy Heinys

"Packed with practical tips and helpful information, Changing Diapers is a must for the first-time cloth diaper user. Extensive tips include how to travel with cloth, how to clean cloth diapers, and what to do if you have twins. Includes clear descriptions of the types of cloth diapers and comprehensive resources on where to find them. Accessible and funny, Changing Diapers makes cloth look as easy as it really is."
Peggy O'Mara
Editor-in-Chief, Mothering.com

"In writing Changing Diapers, Kelly Wels has drawn on her years of experience in the cloth diaper industry to create a brilliant resource for any parent interested in cloth diapering their baby. This book is a joy to read, full of "how-tos", detailed illustrations, checklists and beautiful photos. A perfectly written, helpful resource for any parent!"
Jennifer Labit, Owner of Cotton Babies
Creator of bumGenius, Flip, and Econobum

"Finally, a much-needed guide to the world of cloth diapering! Great for parents who don"t use cloth diapers because they think it is too hard or just too gross. This book will show them how easy, affordable, beneficial, and fun cloth diapering can be."
Sadler Merrill, Thirsties, Inc.

"Indispensable for new parents considering simple, healthy lifestyle alternatives, Kelly Wels"s book delivers a complete guide to modern diapering through easy-to-follow tips, tricks, and facts. Fun, educational, and inspiring " this is the perfect read for any modern mom or dad curious about cloth."
Kim Ormsby, CEO of The Natural Baby Company
Makers of GroVia, Distributors of Hevea


"Kelly Wels has been a long-time champion of all things cloth diapering, and Changing Diapers showcases her thorough knowledge and thoughtful approach in an easy-to-read and encouraging way. She shares inspiring stories and lots of great tips and tricks as she guides readers through the basics of diapering duty! This book is a must read for any mom or dad looking to explore the wonderful world of cloth diapering."
Tereson Dupuy, CEO and Inventor, FuzziBunz Diapers LLC
Founder of FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers and Mother of the Modern Cloth Diaper

"From soup to nuts, or I should say, poop to fluff, Changing Diapers covers it all! Kelly Wels dives right into tackling all the questions and concerns moms have about cloth diapers. She also provides a comprehensive overview and explanation of what all the different diapering options are in today"s marketplace. No more internet searching and reading through contradicting reviews and blogs, Changing Diapers wraps up everything you need to know in one trusted location. This book is packed with tons of great pictures and examples of the different types of cloth diapers as well as helpful diagrams and tips. You really couldn"t ask for a better resource when it comes to cloth diapering. Changing Diapers is going to be an instant hit for new parents as well as experienced cloth diaperers. I can see one in every diaper bag and at every baby shower. It"s packed with fun-to-read facts and information that is the key to making cloth diapers a realistic option for every family. Changing Diapers is my new personal favorite baby shower gift!  Have A Fluffy Day!"
Julie Ekstrom, Owner, Kanga Care " Rump.a.rooz"

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All Tots Bots cloth diaper products are manufactured in their own factory in Glasgow, Scotland from environmentally friendly fabrics.The rayon from bamboo fibers is also Oeko-tex certified and the bamboo fiber is produced in a "closed loop" system which recycles water and chemical output to ensure sustainability. The products they manufacture are ethically as well as sustainably produced.

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